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Currently we are in the fundraising stage. Please direct all media/press inquiries to our Campaign Manager. We have provided high-res artwork, summary copy, press releases, and official links for you to use freely in your reporting. If there’s anything else you need, just ask and we’re happy to assist.


Israel Curtis
Campaign Manager
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Josh Aker
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We are going to produce a live-action short film (roughly 25 minutes long) based on the story and characters from the blockbuster video game franchise, Infinity Blade. Some have created artwork inspired by this game, even published novels and gorgeous animated shorts, but this will be the first production set in the Infinity Blade universe using real locations and live performers. While this is an independent project, we do have full permission and cooperation from Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, the creator and publisher of the Infinity Blade series, to ensure we can make a film with the highest production standards possible and remain faithful to the vision that millions of players the world over know and love.

The story of Infinity Blade is set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, and follows a man named Siris on his quest to defeat an elite group of immortals know as the Deathless, with the only known weapon capable of ending an immortal’s life, the Infinity Blade. During his quest, Siris discovers that he is not only immortal himself but was once the worst Deathless of them all. The original screenplay for this short film has already been written, and while it deals with characters and settings from the game, we chose to focus on a specific events in Siris’ life, with details not seen in the original game, its sequels, or the novels. Some of those details include the battle of the Plains of Koroth, how Siris lost his memory, why Siris and Radriar couldn’t escape the Vault of Tears, the discovery of the quantum identity pattern, and even how the Infinity Blade actually works.


@InfinityBlade@DonaldMustardDonald Mustard is the co-founder and Creative Director of ChAIR Entertainment, the makers of the Infinity Blade video game franchise


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